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Monday, June 27, 2005

A well deserved break

So today is Monday and Sandy and I are still trying to slow down from the fast pace of the last few weeks. For the last couple of months, it has been nothing but work for us. This was due to a few things:

  • Leveling our old perennial garden and planning, preparing, and planting a new one.
  • Getting ready for the boys' first birthday party.
  • Developing two classes for print education at IBM.
Now all those things are done. The classes were finished, the garden planted, and the boys birthday party on Saturday, June 25th, was a success. The weather was good, Sandy's potato salad was very well received, and no one has reported getting salmonella poisoning from eating my barbecued chicken. Unfortunately, the one thing that we forgot to do party-wise was to take pictures or video! We hope that some of the party attendees like Ron Tinsley and Delton Roed will offer us some duplicates of their party pictures. We did manage to get pictures of the boys eating some cake, but on Sunday we had their miniature "baby cake" and videotaped ourselves singing and blowing out candles. I think it's nice to have a party for others and a smaller more low-key one just for the family.

Now that we are done with these three major things, we can focus do other things. First, I don't have to bring my laptop home every day anymore, which means that I can ride my bike to work. My knees have been hurting lately and I thinks it's due to a lack of exercise. That or the strain of lifting the boys.