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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Interesting Happenings

This Sunday I took Annika ice skating for the first time. She really liked it. We skated around a few times and and eventually someone gave up their litle PVC pipe trainer device for her to hold onto. That was good because when I stopped to help a woman up who had fallendown, Annika fell down too. As Sandy requested, I left Annika "wanting more" and we headed to Perkins for hot chocolate.

Monday night, we headed to Target to get a digital camera for Annika. She likes taking pictures, and she decided to buy one with her money. Though we found one in the camera department for $20 that took 640x480 pictures, the toy department had a purple one in a flashy package that she decided on. When we got it home I realized that the pictures it took were of very poor quality, and I tried to convince her to let me return it and get the other one. I asked her "If you could choose a candy bar that came in a fancy package with princesses on it, and one that tasted good, which one would you want?' She said the one in the fancy package. Then I asked her which she would choose if the one in the pretty package didn't taste good. . .well, it ended up with her crying, handing over the camera to me, and with me driving back to Target to return the purple camera and get the good one. Then when I brought it home, I found that was extremely light sensitive, though it does take good pictures. Also, the software it comes with is very flakey and makes it hard to transfer pictures to the PC. I started using Picasa to do it and that worked a lot better. Maybe Annika will start her own blog. Some of her pictures have been very good.

The last thing to mention is that something very ironic happened to me yesterday. I had just popped in the Donny Osmond CD for the boys and I to listen to during their snack time when there was a buzz at the doorbell and 2 Mormon boys started witnessing to me. I had to tell them I wasn't interested, while a Mormon sang in the background. Life is funny. I wish the boys well.


Darth Daddy 2/13/2006 10:18:00 PM  

Does your camera (the good one) have internal memory only? Or a removable media card?

I've found that if you have a removable mem card, a memory card reader is so much easier than goign thru software (though I havent used Picasa for uploading yet). Usually around $20 or so, but saves much time with Cut and Paste ability.

I just got a Batman Digital camera for Logan - supposed to be 1.5 MP, but it has that weirdo special cable for pic transfer, and I havent done that yet to see quality.


Kurt Schroeder 2/14/2006 07:57:00 AM  

The camera has internal memory. It takes pictures at a maximum of 640x480, but for $20, we think it's OK for now. We haven't got around to setting her up with a photoblog yet, though.