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Thursday, June 01, 2006

The 10 minute post

I just ran "Nextcall" a tool that tells me who to call and what to do and it told me to go "Available." This means I am to sit and wait for a call, if I have nothing else to do. (It took me a minute to create and upload that picture...) Here we go:

Today I took a lunch.

To most people this is no big deal, but I never take them. Years ago I developed a system whereby if IBMers in my group work through their lunch, they can leave an hour early, just as long as there enough people who have agreed (by taking a lunch hour) to stay until 5. It's called the "Buddy Board." I took the name from the buddy boards from the swim area at camp. Today, there were a few people who were sick and others scheduled off in the afternoon, so took a lunch break.

For my lunch break, I went out looking for a present for Sandy. I don't get out much by myself. I first went to a True Value hardware store that specializes in high end cookery, but I didn't find anything that caught my eye. Quite honestly, I wanted to get her a nice shirt or fancy brassiere, but. . .I can look for those when I have more time.

I drove downtown. I so rarely drive downtown I felt like I was lost.

I just got a call, but it is really easy, so I'll keep typing. . .an older female customer is wondering why she can't print multiple copies. (She needs to change her destination options parameter in her output queue description from *NONE to XAIX. Once changed, it worked fine.)

So anyway, I drove downtown. The store I really like shopping at is called Tangerine Gifts. It used to be called Tangerine at Wildflowers -- horrible name. The stuff they have there is really kitchy, which I like. I like cute stuff. Cute bath products, fancy soaps, and trendy things. I guess at heart I am not much of a man, but at least I don't shop at Wal-Mart. This place sells only high priced stuff from the Orient. I bought Sandy a bar of French Melon Pear soap for $7.95. She is worth every penny. I should also mention that on the way in I fed the meter for another car whose meter was expired. Five cents and my conscience is clean for four minutes.

After buying the soap, I walked out and dropped it in the car and walked into the Barnes and Noble. The store is in what used to be a movie theatre. I would have gone into the local bookseller that was right by my car, but they don't sell chocolate, now do they?

That's enough for now.


Heather 6/02/2006 12:48:00 AM  

Hello Kurt and Sandy.
I'm Miranda and Kenny's mom from PAIIR.
I won't pretend to know all that IBM stuff you're talking about.

I like Tangerine too. I haven't been there in about a year though. It's hard to take two kids downtown, especially into a store that gives you approximately 12 inches clearance between products. Grabby toddlers are not welcome there.

But seriously, $7.95 for a soap? One soap???? Honestly, Sandy is definitely worth every penny, but the mere cost, for me as a stay home mom, would make me want to murder my husband.

Sandy, I made your Chocolate Crunch Brownie recipe for my Bunco group tonight and everyone thought I was a culinary genious, Thank YOU!