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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

15 things you don't want to know about me

Sandy had her post and I have mine.

  1. I have eaten pencils, rubber eraser and metal green thing and all. Sixth grade, baby.
  2. I know that paste tastes better than elmers glue, but rubber glue tastes like you are chewing a superball.
  3. Superballs are really gritty on the inside and it feels like you are chewing on a soft rock. They are suprisingly very brittle and crunchy.
  4. Strings which are swallowed stay strings.
  5. My computer bookbag is really messy.
  6. So is my desk/credenza at work. Every 6 months I just open it and throw everything away.
  7. I eat mass quantities of horrible stuff like ice cream and cake and candy late at night, but my cholesterol levels make me look like a vegan.
  8. I bounce one of my legs almost constantly and I blame the annoying shaking of the floor on my co-workers.
  9. I lie a lot. Everyone knows it's me. I was just kidding back on #8.
  10. I get about 5 hours of sleep a night.
  11. Sometimes I enjoy the taste of grass.
  12. When I mow my lawn I typically dwell on some subject the entire time. Once time I thought about writing a book about how fascinating it would be if the President of the United States actually mowed the White House lawn and thought it would be interesting to have the book filled with a bunch of essays on lawn care by world leaders.
  13. I can't figure out how to get rid of anthills in my lawn.
  14. I only recently (few years ago) figured out that when drying your hair after a shower, you have to move the towel around to keep drying it with the dry parts of the towel. I always used to go to bed with kinda wet hair.
  15. I really like a particular kind of mouthwash but I'm cheap so I never buy it. It's Rembrandt Dazzling Fresh. First had it in Bergen on our honeymoon.


Sandy 6/27/2006 01:18:00 PM  

You're such a nerd! Can't you come up with anything original? I also noted that most of your entries involve digesting non-edible items. Hmmm...

As for the snorkeling, I share that with no one...and you will too, if you know what's good fer ya!

Heather 6/27/2006 10:56:00 PM  

Hey...no fighting...do you two need a time-out?

Anyway...I think I see where Annika gets some of her "habits". I'm looking in her Dad's direction.

lynsalyns 6/28/2006 08:14:00 AM  

I would so totally buy my hub that book on world leaders and lawn care. He would LOVE it.

You think I'm kidding ... sadly, I am not.