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Thursday, June 29, 2006

MN Governors Race

Got an interesting e-mail from Mike Hatch's campaign folks this morning. Normally I just delete these, but this one was worth a read. Here are some excerpts:

Two weeks ago, the Pawlenty Administration was forced to announce that despite earlier promises, construction of the Crosstown/35W highway project would not begin this summer. The reason? No construction company was willing or able to “front” the costs of financing the project.

As noted by the Star Tribune, “only a desperate state would ask contractors for financing.”

This week, it was reported that the Pawlenty Administration was looking for “volunteers” to review and improve the State’s computer network. “Volunteers” were being recruited from high tech firms at large corporations which would continue to pay their employees’ salaries while they worked for the State. The loaned employees would be working on projects ranging from “cyber security” to “website” design.” Reports indicate that the loaning of employees to the State could be “costly for participants.”

Nationwide, citizens are becoming increasingly concerned about the influence big business is having on government. Citizens believe that government is not responsive to them, but beholden to special interests and big money. And these recent events in Minnesota raise the concern even higher - the Pawlenty Administration is not just influenced by big business, they are dependent on it.


Sandy kinda think Pawlenty's an OK guy, but he kinda looks like a weasel, and I'm voting for Mike Hatch. The only negative thing about Hatch that I can remember is that incident with his daughters shooting their mouths off in Chicago a few years back, but you can't blame him for not letting his daughters hang out to dry.


DLcousin 6/29/2006 11:32:00 AM  

At this point, I'm in the Pawlenty camp. I particularly like his ideas about the U. People in the TC will be screaming bloody murder once the Crosstown project gets underway. How 'bout advocating for more light rail. I think Hatch is rather unlikable, and did you notice that he had one of his infamous daughters introduce him after he had triumphed at the convention? We aren't responsible for the conduct of our adult children, but why promote those ditzes? Nepotism????

Karen 7/01/2006 08:07:00 AM  

I so wanted a "Hatch for Governor" sign for my front lawn.

I have to admit that my dislike for Pawlenty makes me a one-issue voter, something I try hard not to do. However, I cannot vote for someone who promotes hate disguised as family values.