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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Here WII go!

IBM has started shipping the chips for Nintendo's next generation gaming console, the WII.

I want this machine. And I want it bad. Yeah the PS3 could run Linux, and it's a faster console, but I want the WII. Here's why:

  • Brand new interface. You hold something that looks like a TV remote. If you're playing a gold game, you swing it like a golf club, if you're shooting, you aim it at the TV and press fire. If you're driving, you hold it sideways with both hands and turn it like a steering wheel.
  • Nintendo focused on playability, not just making the fastest console. This result in a less expensive console.
  • The kids will want a computer to play games on and I'd rather have them have a system that would encourage them to move about while they play.
  • It's cool!