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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pawlenty uses Republican Stooge in Ad

Tim Pawlenty's latest ad features a concerned "accountant" who has gone over Mike Hatch's campaign promises and has found that they ad up to 6.5 billion dollars in new spending, which he says is over $2000 per family. Here's what's wrong with this ad:

  • The guy is a Republican party official.
  • He cannot legally bill himself as an account as his CPA license is expired.
  • His figure was arrived at by dividing the $6.4 billion by the number of MN families. This is not how taxes are calculated!
  • He failed to say that the $6.4 billion was over 4 years.
  • He failed to mention that Hatch plans to pay for it by closing a tax loophole.
When we first saw this ad I told Sandy I thought it was complete BS.

Read more about it.