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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'll never get these 5 minutes back...

but you can have them anyway.

Today I spent the majority of my time dealing with something called IPP printing, which shouldn;t be my problem. A few years ago IBM decided to code this up but forgot to make sure that there was at least one printer vendor on board who would support it. Secure IPP printing basically allows customers to send encrypted data over the Internet (think patient records) directly to a printer. This week and last I have been struggling to discover how to make this work for a customer of mine who is likely in the market to buy hundreds of printers -- if I can get it to work. What startles me is how quickly I have been seeming to make headway with it. . .like others assumed it was a lost cause and never tried.

Sandy has a funny post about how the kids woke her up this morning, and she's right about one thing -- our bed doesn't seem big enough. Some of the resolutions I've though of are:

  • Mom and dad size pillows in our bedroom, whicle we sleep secretly in the guest room.
  • Locking our door (wouldn't work)
  • Locking the kids in. (kinda cruel)
  • Waking up each day at 5:30. (not gonna happen)
Tonight I went to the Y and lasted 9 minutes on a machine before I had to get off. I don't like being forced to exercise, and it felt uncomfortable to be on it. I think that I will instead focus on exercises that would help to increase my calf muscles and help define my non-existent chest. We'll see.

Oops, time's up.

Oh, one more thing. Owen has a new favorite video game--Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Um. . .yeah. I'll explain more in a later post. It's not exactly what you think.