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Sunday, February 04, 2007

A brief list of my previous jobs...

Sandy carefully wrote a post about her previous jobs. Here's mine:

Shoe Salesman
Shoe salesman at Foot Locker. A week after I got this job I got my second job, and only worked at Foot Locker on the occassional weekend. I always showed up for our Saturday morning "shoe meetings" however, where we prompted to describe shoes in techno-speak, shoe-wise. I still own the referree shirt. Quit after a summer.

Dishwasher at Zimanni's Due restaurant in Green Bay. Best part about the job was on the first day of work I showed up wearing a customized blue shirt which I had made at a local T-shirt shop. On the back it said "How to you like my Dishwashing? Call 1-800-SMOKEYZ. The Smokey-Z was my favorite sandwich they sold. The boss LOVED it. Quit after a couple years. Still one of my favorite places to work, ever.

Painted pipe at a water treatment plant at a rowboat. Was advised to move to a position painting electrical towers for $5 more an hour, but once I was up on a tower 100 miles away from home, they told me it was only $2 more. Plus the guys I worked with were horrible people. Quit.

Rainsoft Salesman
I know more about aquifers and Paul Harvey than anyone ever need to know. Sold one the whole summer. Hated the job as it did not pay mileage. Quit.

Car Vaccuumer
Vaccuumer cars at PDQ car wash for about 4 weeks. Quit when I found out I had mono.

Dishwasher at a Mexican Restaurant
I got the job with the line "I don't smoke, I don't drink, and I drive a reliable car." Every night after my shift when all the waitresses and cook staff were throwing back margaritas and chimichangas, I would make myself a bowl of pasta. Left after a few months. The place was too dirty for me. I would never eat there. The other people who washed the dishes would put them away without washing their hands.

Kitchen Helper at Skogfjorden Norwegian Language Camp
Basically washed dishes, coined carrots and prepped food, and rode my bike for about 4-5 hours a day every day for 3 months straight. I have never been healthier.

Steel puller for I Bachall Steel in Green Bay
Pulled large piece of steel and angle iron off racks, banded them, and loaded them onto semi-trucks. I worked there for a couple months. A very dirty place to work.

Dishwasher at UMD
I was so much better at this job than everyone else. I totally took it seriously, was fast and efficient, and got ticked when a girl showed up late and didn't seem to care. I quit when the manager told me that the girl said I had "an angry face." Bunch of idiots.

Telephone Programmer - UMD Telephone Services
I learned (but have subsequently forgotten) how to program Meredian telephones. Wired very complex telephone systems for the science department and other locations around campus. You don't know hell until you have to dissect and sort a 128 line telephone cord. Was asked to leave after I installed an Ethernet connection for a UMD staff person without first assigning the job to a regular staff person. One time at this job I fell asleep while counting telephone wiring and woke up with pits from telephone wiring connection panels in my forehead. One time they asked me to go out to an area where some underground digging out be done and draw a circle around the area meaning that it was OK to dig there. When I got there there was already a circle around it. So I put a circle around the circle. They guys were talking about that for months. Apparently I should have just written "OK" with my special color spray paint.

Miscellaneous work for a Wedding Reception Place at Greysolon Plaza, Duluth
Washed dishes, set up for wedding receptions, cleaned, and ran the elevator. Delivered pre-packaged meals to the Taconite Mine in Hoyt Lakes. Actually a fun job.

Art Department Secretary
Spent most of my time sending out letters to prospective students, writing my resume, and hacking the HP Mopyfish application to get more stuff for my virtual goldfish.

Theatre Department Secretary
Again, most of time spent out mailing letters to prospective students and doing miscellaneous work for the profs. Kind of a cool place to work, but not a lot to keep me busy.

Web Developer - ALCO, UMD
Programmed web pages for classes for older students. My boss Terry was really cool, and his secretary Sharon was really laid back. Worked from home half the time. Kinda interesting.

Print Support Specialist
Now I work for IBM supporting host and client print, specializing in applications like Infoprint Server and Infoprint Designer. I have to know a lot about Windows, TCP/IP, graphics, network connections, basically the whole system. I love my job. I don't take it home, and I feel like I make a difference to my customers and my co-workers.

I am sure I missed a few. If you can think of one, please remind me! :-) Mom?


DLcousin 2/05/2007 10:25:00 AM  

I had no idea you had so many, and such a variety, of jobs in Duluth. Glad to hear you love your current job. I feel I retired too early; should have taken a year's leave of absence during Beste's final year, then gone back. What's done is done. Now, so much technology has passed me by, about all I could help people with in a library is to answer the popular question, "Where are the restrooms?"

Kurt Schroeder 2/05/2007 01:22:00 PM  

I don't agree. The core of idea of being a resource is still what's most important.