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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Is it Valentine's Day already?

"Umm, yeah, I have to go out real quick and. . .fill up the car with gas. And get wrapping paper." "Yeah, I had something planned, why do you ask?"
"No, I don't know why those charges appeared on the Visa card."
"Yeah I'll go return that stuff right now."
"Umm, no I didn't realize that you could consider that distasteful."
"Yes, I know that I have done things like that before."
"Um, because I'll forgot. I'll put some on right now."
"Yeah, ummm. . .of course I remember I got you the same thing back in 2001."
"No I didn't recall that I had got the same thing for you before."
"Of course I remembered, I just didn't have time after work to pick it up."
"Oh, did I forget to sign it? Hold on."
"Yes I realize that you had your gift ready a few weeks ago. That doesn;t mean that I love you less than you love me."
"Of course I was going to do something for the kids. You just did it first."
"I thought you would think this was romantic."
"No I didn't remember that you had already told me that under no circumstance whatsoever you would have wanted me to get you something like this."
"I said I was sorry already."
"No I don't think that Valentines day is just about what I want."
"I thought you liked Russell Stoffers."
"No, this Whitman's Sampler is not lame, I thought it was a box of Godiva."
"Yes I realize that each piece costs you $3 to eat."

"Yes, I do love you. More and more each day."