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Thursday, April 19, 2007

I am in Pre-Christmas Vacation Hell

Certain things in a relationship are forgivable:

  • Running over the dog.
  • Forgetting to take out the garbage.
  • Unscrewing a packed drain pipe and flooding the laundry room with black chum.
  • Not making the bed.
  • Leaving socks around.
  • Forgetting to shut the screen door so you think the cat got out.
  • Not getting someone a really great gift for their 30th birthday.
  • Buying Country Time fruit juice for snack day at PAAIR.
  • Having a celebrity call up and leave a message.
  • Losing my wedding ring.
  • Forgetting to schedule vacation days for Christmas break and our anniversary.

Strike that last one.

Every year since I have worked at IBM I have always remembered to take vacation days for late December. This year, I forgot. When I went to put in the days now, they were rejected because we had too many people off.

There are a couple things that would possibly save this situation:
  1. Every year a few people take too many days off and have to unschedule their vacation time.
  2. I could probably finagle my anniversary because that day has low call volumes and I could really beg for it.
But I feel like total crap. However upset Sandy sounded on the phone when I informed her of the situation, I know she feels even worse, because I think I heard the sound of knives being sharpened in the background.

Sandy, I am truly sorry and I feel awful. I will try to make this right and get some days off.

  • I sent a note to my coworkers who had the 26th off telling that if they used too many vacation days and would have to give some back to notify me so that "I would be able to celebrate my 10th Anniversary in 2008."
  • I was able to get the 27th and 28th off.
  • I put in a reminder in mid November of this year telling me to schedule my vacation days for 2008 in advance. Usually there is 1 or 2 people who have to give up some vacation days and end up giving some back. Hopefully I will be able to get that happening for me.


Heather 4/21/2007 01:04:00 AM  

Hope that you have a thaw before November!!

Jennifer Theis 4/25/2007 11:14:00 AM  

kurt, i could kill myself. i left a long comment and then decided to sign up with google so all my witticisms were lost. ugh! it is nearly impossible to be funny after you edit your commentaries (at least mine). anyway, i'll give it a whirl.

hope that the 26th comes through for you. remember that the gift for your 10th is all things related to pork. wait. i'm getting that wrong. it's merely the year of the pig which has nothing to do with your anniversary.

i'm returing to work on friday. pretty rough work week with monday and friday wrapped into one. besides i think i'll just be singing "i don't want to work. i just want to bang on the drums all day...." i am dreading the return, but am more at peace knowing that cameron will be with the roeds and then matt will pick him up in the afternoon after he's had his beauty rest and recooperation from eveing shift this week.

you were referred to me by one Dr. Christine Roed for the possibility of helping me create the best way to keep family up to date with photos of cameron and his latest tricks (he's currently reading chaucer, but you would expect that). do you think that you could suggest some possibilities and set up the best option for us? perhaps we could travel down to rochester to visit and do it then?

Take Care!