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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Busy Weekend

This weekend I had the pager for work, so we weren't able to go anywhere or make any special plans. I didn't have any high hopes for getting much done. However, after the kids went to bed Sandy told me to fix the toilet. That was the start of my weekend:

  • Removed the toilet from the base, cleaned off the ring, installed a new metal toilet ring and wax gasket.
  • Next morning found the toilet was leaking in the back. Screwed the tank on the toilet a bit tighter. Removed the supply line at the back, cleaned it off, and put it back on. Fixed.
  • Saturday morning ran to Menards and picked up four bags of quick set concrete. Dug holes for the swing set legs and during the boys' nap Annika and I mixed and installed new concrete footings. She was my water carrier and poured some concrete mix, too.
  • Mowed the lawn Monday morning while Sandy cleaned the house.
  • Walked the kids to the local SuperAmerica where we bought more gas for the mower and the kids each bought a small package of Pop Rocks.
  • Dug up some old rocky bedding in the front lawn and laid down new soil and grass seed, covered with hay and chicken wire to try to grow some much needed grass.
  • I did get 2 calls on Monday, both of which took up about 15 minutes of time. Both easy calls.
Today I rode to work refreshed, as this is the first time in over a year that I am back to my 8-5 schedule.

Feels good.