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Friday, June 22, 2007

More Berkeley...

Google Street View shows where we lived during the summer of 1984. Down the driveway and take a left. Up a couple flights of stairs, take a left. Fred's apartment was on the right. More things to remember:

  • Fred had built the vacuum cleaner.
  • Beds on the floor.
  • The stereo had a line the volume was not supposed to cross.
  • Beautiful gardens next door.
  • The guy one floor below practicing classical piano.
  • Romper Room.
  • The Chinese people on their porch outside.
  • The lady who made money doing crafts piecemeal.
  • Siamese cats.
  • Erik getting pooped on by a bird.
  • The black kid that lived on the other side of the fence that didn't know his classmate lived right behind him until we busted through the fence. Damn that kid had a big penny collection.
  • The people with the water bed and the kid who said weird things like "danch-danch-danarch."
  • The people with the TV covered in tinfoil.
  • The girl Erik and I both kinda liked.
  • Walks to Ohlone Park with Mom.


Sandy 6/25/2007 01:36:00 PM  

That was a great summer! Do you remember taking the BART into San Francisco at the time of the Democratic National Convention? We had made signs using poster paper and huge magic markers. Remember the street lady downtown who always wore pink jeans? What a fashion statement! It only rained on the day we arrived and the day we left. How about afternoons swimming in Lake Anza in the BerkleyHills, than always shopping for fresh food for dinner on the way home from whatever had been our adventure? Priceless. Thanks.

Ellen 6/25/2007 01:42:00 PM  

Hmmm, that's what happens when I use someone else's computer...