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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Today is Father's Day

Today is the day I am reminded of how much my wife and kids love me. And the day I am reminded of how I will have to work a little harder to make Mother's Day a little more exciting.

Sandy has this amazing knack for getting me the best Father's Day presents. Some of my favorites are:

1. Flying Lessons at the local airport. A total surprise, and Annika and Sandy were in the back seat!

2. A Hammock!

3. Today I got Swim Fins!

Plus, Sandy is an amazing Mom the other 364 other days of the year, too. She fills the kids days with wonderful and creative activities, teaches them compassion and love, makes awesome meals from scratch (thanks to all the cookbooks I buy her for presents I suppose), plays the piano and violin beautifully, etcetera...

I am the luckiest most Dad is the world. Thanks Sandy.

By the way, I should also say that Annika wrote and illustrated a wonderfully story with queens and castles and unicorns, because she knows I am a sucker for medieval mythology. I am sure that Sandy taught her about that stuff, too. Annika also gave me her remaining collection of fancy glass gems.

Happy Father's Day to all you other Dads out there. See you in the pool! I'll be the guy passing you in my new fins!!!

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Matt is a pretty great Dad, too.