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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Harry Potter Leaked...

I got and read the first chapter last night. Thank you BitTorrent.
If the leaked version is true, here is what happens in the first chapter:

* Snape and some other guy to into a house with bad guys in it.
* They all sit down around a table.
* Something is hanging above the table.
* Conversation ensues. These people want to hurt Potter.
* Someone dies.

Not much of a spoiler, but I didn't want to ruin it for anyone.
I will say this. . .I think any fan of the books will want to buy a copy anyway, so I doubt that the fact that it leaked will have a real effect on books sales. It may actually HELP booksellers, because as some of you might not know, most booksellers cut the price on the book at the Midnight sale to compete for business. Many lose money on it.


laker73 7/21/2007 06:33:00 AM  

did you stay up all night to get your copy?

Kurt Schroeder 7/23/2007 02:26:00 PM  

Mom got one for Sandy on Saturday. I printed off the last 2 pages for Phil and gave him to him when he was in town for the Red Ribbon Ride.