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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Found Object: A Letter I wrote in Kindergarden

My name is Kurt Schroeder, and I was born six years ago in Green Bay. When i was just a few weeks old we moved to our house on Brookwood West. Others in my family are my mom and dad who are teachers, my twin brother Erik, and my older brother,Paul, who is in Illinois studying to be a doctor.
Skiing takes a lot of my time in the Winter. Nearly every weekend we go somewhere to ski. Telemark is my favorite one, and I have skied four miles at one time there. We play basketball in the evenings, and on Saturday I enjoy watching cartoons.
In the summer we go on camping and hiking trips. My favorite trip was to Nova Scotia, and I have also enjoyed Isle Royale and the Teton Mountains.
My favorite times in school are gym, center time, and reading group. My favorite foods are carrots with salt, pancakes, and chocolate revel ice cream. Lately I have enjoyed trying to read books by myself. Jenny Terml, Alicia Halada, and Ricky Skarzinski are some of my best friends. We often play togetehr after school. Besides people in my family Miss Gill is my favorite big person.