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Friday, September 07, 2007

Odds-N-Ends. . .Trip up North

Found Sandy's brother Jim Tinsley, now the General Manager of Dondelinger Chevrolet Cadillac. When I asked him what his job was there, he said, "This is my house."

Had a run in with the fishing gear of the guys at Muskies Up North at Shamps Market in Pine River.

Threw the kids in jail.

Can't escape the Rainbow Playset Corporation.

Sandy is the world's best cook, no matter where we are.

Sandy has the knack of taking pictures of me at odd moments. . .

While I dislike LP Gas cooking, it is easier than using a Smokey Joe during a thunderstorm.

Super One is so. . .Meh.

Some pictures are mandatory.

Scamper the Penguin, a Judeo-Christian morality tale for penguin lovers, was a real treat for the whole family, and contained many memorable scenes to last a lifetime, including the attempted shooting of penguins by crazed penguin-stealing Soviets, and the scene of a killer whale eating a sea lion. Movie Clip


Heather 9/07/2007 10:26:00 PM  

Shamps is an annual stop for us, meat for the week on the way up, and meat for home on the way back...plus they always have free brats on our way home...gotta love customer appreciation.

Rainbow...shmainbow. You loved that playset outside your cabin, didn't you?