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Thursday, September 20, 2007

An Ode to Amy Winehouse

Tears Dry on Their Own from Back in Black

Yo yo yo Amy wussup?
Why you go and get yoself beatup?
Damn you can sing girl,
Tru dat you for real.
But the haters at TMZ and WWTDD do not feel
That way that I do about your mad singing skillz.
Dey always focus on you poppen dem pills.
And horse tranquilizers, and crap like dat.
Now really, what is up with that?

Saw you on You Tube just the other day--
Like the 1980s mag Hit Parade
But with Adwords and bad words, no full color spread
By the way who put all those fly lyrics in your head.

Explained you to my mom like you wuz Ella Fitzgerald
When you was young were you ever Christmas caroled?

I bought your last two albums in the last 24 hours,
the music and lyrics are just like spring flowers.
Listened to em til 2 in the morning last night
While sitting in my living room messing with Powerpoint.

Well, I guess I should go now, you know how it is
A bottle of Tanqueray and I'm back in the biz.


Kurt Schroeder 9/21/2007 08:14:00 AM  

Lots of little mistakes about this one. But not bad for a quick 2 minute post.