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Monday, September 17, 2007

Quick question:

Why would someone who drives a new Mercedes shop at Wal-Mart?

a) Can't actually afford it.
b) There is no B.


Karen 9/17/2007 03:43:00 PM  

My dad always told me, "you have to save money to have money."

And while I have shopped at Walmart b/c in the past we had nooooo money, the above statement is in no way an endorsement of shopping at Walmart. But it might explain the Mercedes.

Kurt Schroeder 9/17/2007 03:47:00 PM  

Good point. Still, no one ever saved money buying a new Mercedes...Sam Walton drove an old pickup, if the stories are true. :-) Talk about selectivity!

Kurt Schroeder 9/17/2007 03:51:00 PM  

Ironically, his autobiography is called "Made in America" What a hoot.

Heather 9/17/2007 09:17:00 PM  

Well, you still need pit-stick when you drive a Mercedes, don't you?