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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Duluth Cracks Down on Free Speech

Just kidding. Let's stop tagging up the place folks!


This is an official City of Duluth Police Department press release. Copies of all press releases can be accessed through our web site at: www.ci.duluth.mn.us/city/pressreleases/index.htm

Today’s Date: 10/03/2007
Location: Downtown Duluth
Incident: Graffiti Vandalism
Incident Date: September 2007
Incident Time: N/A
Author: Officer M. Tinsley and Sgt. Dan Boese
Contact Person: Officer M. Tinsley


Since early September, the Duluth Police Department has been receiving reports of major graffiti vandalism in the downtown area. The vandals have used various colors of spray paint, paint pens and permanent marker. The individuals responsible for these incidents have caused extensive property damage.

The Police Department is requesting any business that has been a victim of the vandalism to please call Officer Michael Tinsley at XXX-XXX-XXXX. This information is needed for the investigation, identification, and prosecution of vandalism suspects.