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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wiki Fun and my new Electronic To-Dos

Today during a meeting I was arguing for the use of Wiki software to write the new Printing Redbook, instead of old fashioned paper printing. While demonstrating how Wiki software works. I mentioned that on Wikipedia you could hit random page and get a random article. So I did, and I got this one. Nice.

Also, I have a couple of new electronic to-dos.

  • For fun: Experiment with ring lights for taking photos.

  • For the family website: Install Wiki software on kurtandsandy.com and try to get daily wiki updates going utilizing date '+%m-%d-%Y' to create daily files based on the date. Fill said files with boilerplate text, including an automated links to our blogs and other daily stuff, like a link to the Wikipedia daily link, and other stuff that would change each day. I think that a Wiki would be a better place to store info about the family than the blog, for many reasons:

    • Better organization.
    • Separate kids stuff from each other.
    • Pictures from the camera could be autmatically loaded into the wiki based on the day they were taken.
    • I think that having boilerplate text would enable more thorough logging of the family exploits:

      Today's date is is October 10, 2007

      - Alex ----------------------------------------------------
      - Annika --------------------------------------------------
      - Owen ----------------------------------------------------
      - Kurt ----------------------------------------------------
      - Sandy ---------------------------------------------------
      - Activities-----------------------------------------------
      - Pictures from Today -------------------------------------


Kurt Schroeder 10/12/2007 12:59:00 PM  

date --date='1 days ago' '+%m-%d-%Y'

To generate yesterday's date.