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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Photography Contest #1

OK. I am having my first contest. And the winner wins. . .the joy of winning. This is very spur of the moment because I am in a good mood and just read something amazing that rekindled my interest in a photo technique, painting with light.

Here is an example of a large object painted with light during a 35 second exposure:


Here is something else someone write about how to do it:


I have used it with the kids. 30 second shutter exposure and a flashlight yields interesting results. Time to get out the digital cameras and start playing! Many searches of painring with light on google will yield pictures of little lights being drawn around in the air during a dark night scene. I tend to like pictures where the subject is actually painted with light during the exposure, not so much the ones where the light itself is the subject of the photo, as in the following example:

Umm. . .let's see. . .the deadline for the contest is Jan 1.

Tonight, I will paint my house with light from a 1 million candle power flashlight and post the results.