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Monday, December 17, 2007

What is this blog for anyway?

I came to the realization that I have been using this blog as a place to post interesting links and things and that maybe I should be writing more. For instanbce, today I could have written a great post about the Y that would have went something like this. . .

. . .went off at 5:15, and I almost hit the snooze button. . . .didn't want to waste too much time. . .quickly got dressed and left without without my YMCA card. (Later I found it on the top of the dresser.) The staff at the Y seems really. . .but every time I have left my card at home the guy at the check in desk acts like he doesn't know me. I hate that. I'd love to ask, "Do you want me to leave?"

Signed up for and stepped up on the Woodway and turned it up to my typical 1 degree of incline and 6 MPH. I like that speed, because the MPH and the distance ran are always the same. Five minutes = .5 miles, ten minutes = 1 mile, etc. . .

The guywho always ends up next to me does two annoying things: 1. He covers up the display to the machine. Like he's protecting it from his sweat. I have this thing about knowing what speed other people are running. Secondly, he runs fast, then slow, then fast, etc. . . The sound of the machine going up and down is annoying.

I ended up running for about 2 miles in 20 minutes, and then transitioned to leg lifts, and ended with 100 crunches at 100 pounds. It doesn't feel like 100 pounds, anyway. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. Perhaps I should do more crunches.

Work seemed slow today. My PC booted up to a BSOD, and based on the error, it seemed like my hard drive was going bad. So I spent the first half of the day saving a stuff onto network drives.

Dinner was Subway at Mom's. Then home viathe GPS Sandy gave me, look for a new post on that coming soon, and I put the kids to bed. Sandy came home and I helped her put the dishes away, then lined underneath the sink with plain white shelf paper.
Pretty boring, huh? Yeah. . .um. . .sorry.