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Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's not a Slam Dunk anymore...

When my brother Erik and I were in 9th grade we learned how to slam dunk. At the height of our dunking days, we could do windmill jams, and pull down the occasional 2 hander. A straight-up one handed dunk was very easy. We would practice for HOURS on end. We watched the dunk contests at the all star games and then would attempt to replicate the dunks. Personally, I have two favorite dunks that I remember:

1. A two hander I pulled down in front of a large group of people going through some sort of "Violent Arrest" police officer training at a technical college in Green Bay. They walked into the gym, announced that they were scheduled for the space for their class, and that we needed to leave. I backed up, ran at the hoop and jumped INCREDIBLY HIGH (to my memory) and brought the ball crashing through the hoop with two hands. I pulled myself up over the rim, dropped onto two hands, grabbed the ball on the second rebound, and said to the group as I walked out, "Violently arrest THAT."

2. A few times I have ran the length of a basketball court and jumped just below the free throw line and slammed the ball with one hand. A similar dunk is shown in this YouTube clip.


Today, this was the best of about 10 tries. I gotta work on my ups.

More videos to come. This white man will jump again.