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Friday, March 21, 2008

Farewell and Adieu to AS4PRT

Thank you all for 10 years of call taking fun! I have enjoyed almost every day I have been here, and I leave AS4PRT knowing that there is not a better queue in the support center. There is some much we have done together this past decade:

  • We have been honest with each other about our failings, and only in the rarest of occasions have complained behind someone back about their poor job performance or web surfing habits.
  • We have attended team meetings for which there was obviously no point and turned them into meetings in which we learned something, even if it was where someone went for vacation.
  • We have suffered together through Powerpoint presentations for which we knew there was no point, and come out in the end only slightly brain damaged as a group.
  • We have steeled ourselves for the onslaught of nonexistent Y2K problems, only to get slammed by what should be simple DST changes.
  • We have begrudgingly signed up for Education Classes which were usually either completely mind-bogglingly useless without being there live, impossible to remember due to technical content beyond our comprehension, embarrassingly silly, or simply redundant.
  • We have taken vacations for which we felt obligated to tell people we would be available if we were really needed.

  • We have eaten food brought in by our coworkers which we should have known was old, should have been thrown away, or had probably been sneezed on during cold season.
  • We have endured mistreatment by coworkers in other teams who refused to take calls they knew were theirs.
  • We have accepted our developers incompetencies and made apologies for our intrusion into their precious time.
  • We have come in when we were sick and spread our diseases to well people.
All these things we have done, and will continue to do, because the computer system upon which our livelihood's rely is as undying as this unfunny (greenbar) background image I have chosen for this e-mail.

I am proud to have worked with you all and learned from you all. Every day I have learned something new, though most of it I have since forgotten.

In my time here I have gotten married, bought two cars, bought a home, fathered three children. I own the cars outright, but I still have to pay off the house and the kids. The children get $2.00 a week and I pay the other 98% of my income for child-care and mortgage expenses. That is what I am told is the going rate.

I leave print a happier guy than when I started. That's all I can ask. I love you all. Goodbye.

Thanks for 10 great years,


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maric-b 3/21/2008 04:12:00 PM  

are you looking for Aaron corkill-Bomgaars I am his wife He lives in Douglas Wyoming

Anonymous 3/21/2008 05:25:00 PM  

Tell him to contact me and let me know how he's doing.