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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tips for Traveling to Las Vegas

Sandy put up a post with some Las Vegas travel tips, and they are all valid.

I would, however, like to put up a tip of my own:

Take pictures that no one else can.
The things that we remember the best about our trip are the things that were personal for us, but when I look at the photos I took, the majority of them are photos that anyone else could have taken as well. There are only a few photos of Sandy and I, and only a couple of Kate and Matt. I only have one photo of the elderly woman that we noticed walking around in a plaid shirt and polka dot pants, and it is from behind her in a dimly lit corridor between the bing bing machines. I really was concerned for her, but I didn't stop and talk to her. Maybe she needed help. Maybe she had an interesting story to tell me. But I will never know. If I would have taken the time to stop and talk to her, and maybe have her take our picture, I might have been able to get a good one of her.

Likewise, the man at the top of the Eiffel tower who reminded Sandy so much of her father is not present in my Vegas photo album. Only a few obvious pictures of the Bellagio water jets and other Vegas landmarks are present. But I wish I had a picture of Sandy with him.

Vegas presented with a myriad of fascinating photo opportunities. I wish I would have captured more of them on film.

That's it.