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Monday, August 25, 2008

Got it fixed

My friend Craig came over last night with his wife Heather and their lovely kids, and proceeded to school me in the proper way to crimp a coax cable. As I had speculated earlier, the problem was in the coax cables and the cable that ran to the rotor. Now all I have to do to get everything working is:

  • Recrimp and reinstall and ground the coax cables running from the antenna into the house.
  • Reinstall the power cable running from the rotor into our bedroom.
  • Once my $40 coupons arrive from the government, buy some DTV conversion boxes.
  • Based on what Craoig suggested to me, think about putting in a higher pole. I have 24 feet now, and I can add a 5 foot section without much trouble. That would get me an even better connection to twin cities stations. But I would check that after I get my DTV boxes installed. I don't want to overdo it just for the sake of overdoing it.