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Thursday, March 26, 2009

I love Thursday Mornings

  1. Wake up with congestion.
  2. Realize I have to go to work.
  3. Don't eat breakfast.
  4. Drive into work to return my temp badge I got when I couldn't find mine yesterday.
  5. Get told they won't issue me a new one to get into my building because I didn't turn mine in yesterday.
  6. Sneak into the building anyway behind people.
  7. Sit down.
  8. See some barfi in my lunch bag.
  9. Lunch bag does not have a heart and my name on it as usual.  :-|
  10. See this quote on the stimulus plan:
    Hey, I didn't vote for him.  But he's right.  You can't put out a forest fire with a bucket ... Go big or go home. That's what he's there for.
  11. Think about the kids faces on Friday when they realize they will be flying in an airplane to California.
  12. Owen at Alcatraz.
  13. Annika looking skyward in Muir Woods.
  14. Alex splashing in the waves in Big Sur.
  15. Sandy trying to prevent the kids from eating too much at the all you can eat buffet at the Jelly Belly factory.
  16. Ahhh.... it's all good.