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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Almost done with the bathroom. . .

So far Sandy and I have managed to get a lot done with the bathroom.

What we have done:
  • Removed the old tub surround
  • Removed the mirror
  • Primed and painted with a beautiful blue color
  • Installed a new fan.
  • Installed a new mirror.
  • Partially installed new tub surround  (ARRGH!)
  • Framed some beautiful black and white photos of the kids
What we have yet to do:
  • Finish installing tub surround
  • Install new ceiling tiles
  • Install rubber floor trim
  • Install a new light above the tub

Things I have learned:
  • Installing new drywall can be easy if it is rigid concrete-y stuff for tubs and wet areas. It can be cut with a box cutter and sanded to fit with a shaving tool.
  • Double-check the smoothness of walls and take your time applying skim-coats of mud and sanding them down.
  • Work goes faster if your workspace is clean.
  • When installing a tub surround, have plenty (2-3 cans per piece) of tub surround caulk ready.
  • Carefully tape your tub off so that the caulk that drips off the tub walls does not land on your tub.
The color of the bathroom:

Benjamin Moore Carribean Coast