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Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun Friday

Today is a beautiful day in Rochester. About 80 degrees. Took the kids for a walk with the dog to Kutzky Park from the MIracle Mile Shopping center, bought new wheels for the slifing glass door, and then drove home and came to work @ 11. Sandy is taking the kids to Como Zoo and then I think maybe Ikea and/or the MOA.

Work has been a little slow, but I have some printer documentation I need to work on, and there is a document on iSeries print that I need to finish writing, too.

I'm glad that the bathroom is finished and I can look forward to the other projects this year:
  1. Put in a new raised vegetable garden and protect it from squirrels.
  2. Build some kind of tree house for the kids.
  3. Reshingle the roof.
This week Terese and Hallie have been in Rochester going to Mayo, so it has been great to see them for dinner and take Hallie swimming at the Y.