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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No one gets a deal at the Packer Pro Shops. . .

Except maybe the guy who bought a pair of size 33 unhemmed "Bill's Khakis" for $20. They were on a table marked "Game Ready" (worn?) and they typically retail for $97. I will wear them with pride this season. GO PACK.


BTW this is technically a better deal than the $140 dollar pair of pants I got for $35 back in 1999 in Kohler so I could eat in the Wisconsin Room at the American Club, but after the alteration charges it will be close.

Wisconsin--the place for amazing deals on pants.


Update: I got the pants hemmed with a cuff for about $12 at "Stitch It -- America's Tailor" in the local mall. Another reason I love the pants is that they have a 8 belt loops, which eliminate the pinch/sag factor.


ellen 6/11/2009 04:34:00 PM  

I must be missing something...why were these at the Packer Pro Shop? I'm looking forward to being back in Titletown the first weekend of September...Greta's wedding...which will actually be at Fox Hills