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Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Summer Project: Building a Rain Barrel

I have access to a large number of used 50 gallon drums which I will be using to make rain barrels. These will be used for drip irrigation. This will be a good project to combine with my other project of replacing the shingles and rain gutters.

My primary goals are two:

  1. Save water and prevent needless runoff by recycling rainwater.
  2. Eliminate any chance of mosquitoes using these as a breeding ground. Currently we have almost NO mosquitoes in our backyard due to a lack of standing water anywhere.


Jean 7/25/2009 03:53:00 PM  

Hi Kurt&Sandy...I'm not the little ole' lady from Pasadena, but I am the little ole' lady from Florida that wants to thank you for providing those 50 gal drums to make rain barrels. My grandma had rain barrels (wooden), my mother had rain barrels (wooden) and I've got rain barrels (pvc) and have had them for over 20 years at this home. I've saved my Victory Garden, my roses, my orchids, and other exotic plants with the rainwater from my barrels during the dry season here. Please point out to your readers how very important it is to keep their rain gutters squeaky clean so they can collect clean rain water in their barrels. This water can be used to wash your hair, wash your animals (chickens don't seem to like the water)lol, but my Lab does, wash lawn & patio furniture, decks, garden pots and tools, and even use to flush the toilet. At 70+ years I've invented a new gutter cleaning tool that you can vacuum out all debris from your gutters, whether wet or dry, while standing firmly on the ground. Check out my website at http://www.gutterclutterbuster.com and see if this brand new tool could save you time, money, and energy while keeping gutters free flowing into your rain barrels. So, Stay Safe, Stay Well, Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled and God Bless you with much success and God Bless America!

Kurt Schroeder 7/25/2009 04:43:00 PM  

This is a good point. I will be installing new gutters which don't let leaves in, but the video does show that a screen is installed to filter out the crap from getting into the barrel.