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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Curbing my Enthusiasm for Facebook

Anyone who has not seen Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm is missing out on some good TV. Basically, it is about a man who keeps getting into very uncomfortable unintentional situations which cause him social harm and hurt the feeling of his loved ones.

The first episode "Pants Tent" involves a situation in which a pair of bunchy pants winds up making his wife's friend feel that she has arounsed him.

Recently I was involved in an unfortunate web browsing incident which involved:
  • a co-worker with a sense of humor
  • a shared enjoyment of stupid websites
  • a website for desperate people seeking booty calls
  • an old website I made for tricking spammers
  • a fake email account
  • a PO'd spouse
I posted an full account of the incident on my FaceBook page, which I rarely use, but which is good for reconnecting with old friends. School, camp, etc...

No one commented. No one wrote to say: That is so funny! or No way that kinda thing happened to me!

Instead I got crickets chirping.

So I deleted all my Facebook friends except for Sandy and Jonas. Facebook is basically only good for playing Bejeweled anyway.