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Monday, September 28, 2009

Roofing - Day 3

My alarm was set for 6:30 but I woke up at 6:15 and turned on the news.

"Winds consistently gusting above 30 miles per hour. . .we will see gusts as high as 45 miles per hour."

A wind advisory is in effect until 7 o'clock tonight. I decided I did not want to shingle today, nor have anyone on my roof shingling.

I waited til 7 to call the shingle place and delay the delivery, but the doorbell rang at 7, instead. It was my friend Craog who is helping me shingle the roof. I got dressed and had a bowl of cereal. Called the carpenter to tell ask his opinion and he shared my thought that today was not a good day. He did want to come over and meet me and check the prep though.

Then we went outside to look at the roof and wait for Alex, who was going to help me unload shingles. Alex came right at 8. We unloaded the shingles, and then waited for the carpenter.

The carpenter arrived promptly at 9. He was impressed by the work we had done getting things ready. We looked at what had been done and he made some more minor recommendations for prep. He gave me a list of things to buy:
  • a five pound box of 2 1/2 roofing nails for installing the ridge vent
  • a box of 7200 coil nails
  • four more tubes of roofing tar
  • the rest of my new flashing for my rooftop exhaust fans and plumbing vent
Loaded the car with some extra roofing supplies and drove to Menards with the dog. Returned $173.60 worth of supplies. Bought everything on my list, which came to $102.78.

So I trip netted me $70.82, which is almost enough to pay for the two day rental of a roofing gun.

Came home and called Sandy, then made myself a baloney sandwich and a poured a glass of milk. Wrote this blog entry. (Time now is 1:54)

Now I will go out and do the following:
  • Rake the lawn and pick up the rest of the debris.
  • Finish installing drip edge on the garage, and fix some of the edge from yesterday.
  • Pull back some siding on the house to make flashing it and installing shingles easier.
  • Drag fallen branches to the habitat pile.
  • Take some pictures.
I miss you Sandy, Alex, Owen, and Annika!