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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Prohibitions on Sex at the local Bible college


From their Student Guide, which I found this morning while perusing their website.

Sexuality and Relationships - Crossroads encourage healthy interactions between men and women and desires to strengthen a biblical sexual identity for its students. Behavior that falls outside biblical intentions such as premarital sex, intimate touching, adultery, homosexual acts, and pornography or other explicit materials are not appropriate and will not be allowed for Crossroads community members. Casually sleeping or lying with members of the opposite gender, or public affection that is inappropriate or causes others to be uncomfortable is not acceptable. Single students dating married persons or a married student dating anyone other than their spouse is prohibited. Behavioral choices involving cohabitation (even for a day or evening) or which imply or have potential for immoral activity are not considered appropriate for community members. Sexual assault such as rape, attempted rape or sexual battery/assault is unacceptable and may be reported to the authorities.
Does anyone else think that their policy on reporting assult is a little weak?