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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Chicken Coop

This year we decided to build a chicken coop and buy three chickens to collect the eggs and experience a bit of farm living at home.

The first step to this is building the coop. We decided to build a "chicken tractor" which is a mobile chicken coop and run on wheels. The chickens get new grass, weeds and bugs every few days.

The whole thing is 7' 6" by 3' 6" and 4 feet high. It will have a simple roof. In the winter there will be a heat lamp to keep the birds comfortable. At the back of the coop there will be two nesting boxes with a top we can list up to remove the eggs. In Rochester the ordinance for keeping chickens spells out the rules, and we will meet them all.

I am not a great builder, but I decided to go ahead with no specific plan and just see what happened. I read somewhere that the worst looking chicken coops make the best eggs, so if it's not perfect, we're not gonna worry.