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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Trip to Eyota for a Free Breadmaker

So our breadmaker died last week, it just siezed up with rust. It has probably been slowing down and reached its stopping point. I tried to fix it but when the ingredients were put in, it did not function. So I put in a request for "WANTED: breadmaker" into our local FreeCycle group and got a response in a few minutes. There was a breadmaker available for us in Eyota. It had been used once. So after Annika's swim class we drove over to this little podunk town and found the lady's brown house (in the dark) and got the breadmaker. It was new (though had lost one of it's rubber feet already) but it was very small. It is a West Bend Just for Dinner model. I downloaded the manual and we'll try to make some bread with it, and in the mean time, we'll be on the lookout for a bigger one. Sandy made really good pizza dough and cinnamon rolls with our old one, and she needs to get back to her old form.