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Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Annika

Yesterday was Annika's birthday. We were too busy celebrating to blog about it. She had a nice party at Leo's Pizza palace on Saturday, but it was a little crowded. She received some very nice gifts from her friends, like Polly Pockets, Art Supplies, a My Little Pony jewelry box, and some nice games. On Sunday we had a little family party that Erik and Asli and Mom came to. She received some nice new clothes, a pair of roller skates, and other things like a pink feather boa from the boys and a 2006 calendar with puppies on it. Her response to receiving that was to laugh and say "Four year olds don't need calendars." It was pretty funny.

My contribution to Annika's birthday was that I made her a video of her life from birth through last summer. I think it is nice. After I got done showing it at the family party I realized something very odd. The two songs I chose to accompany the video were sung by one of the most overweight singers, and one of the most underweight singers of all time. They both died due to their health problems. I guess that is proof that a beautiful song can come from anyone.

"Over the Rainbow" is the first song in the video and is sung by Israel Kamakawiwo`ole.

The second song is "We've Only Just Begun" sung by Karen Carpenter.

I will send out DVD's and VHS tapes of the movie to any family member who wants one. It's about 10 minutes long.