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Monday, June 26, 2006

Cancel your cable!

Just call up your cable money and say someting like:

"Hello, I came across this advertisement for XX Satellite TV that is offering a monthly subscription for $XX. Although I like my current TV, this offer is making me seriously consider switching. I was wondering if you can offer a similar price."

Most likely, they will offer to match the price, even for a limited time, like 3 to 6 months, when they do, write down on your calendar when it expires, and when that time comes around, look for a cable deal you might want to switch to.

Cable companies don't wanto to lose your businsess, and apparantly, are more than happy to let people have the introductory rate. A co-worker of mine is married to a cable company employee and verified this information.

I got the idea here: http://www.pfadvice.com/2006/02/08/financial-challenge-day-13/.