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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Roof Repair Project

Today I repaired the roof from the tree damage. I would have taken more detailed pictures, but my hands were sticky with roofing tar so I got the project done and cleaned up. Next time I will use rubber gloves on a project I want to document properly.

Removed the damaged shingles and cleaned out the hole as best I could.

Cut a sheet of aluminum to use as a patch over the broken roof sheathing, and coated the back of it with roofing tar. Laid it over the hole and the roofing paper. Nailed it down and coated it's sides and most of the top with more roofing tar.

Installed the new shingles and nailed them in, then made some roofing tar and shingle sandwiches. Tasty!

Total time: Approximately an hour and a half.

Thank go to my Uncle Delton who gave me the advice on how to repair it, which I mostly followed. Thanks Delton. "Yeah yeah."


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Joseph Russo 9/16/2016 05:53:00 AM  

Oh wow, it's quite interesting to know that you can place a new roof over an existing one. That's something new that I have yet to hear about. Maybe it would be something for me to talk to my uncle about, just to see if he'll like the idea..
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