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Friday, July 21, 2006

A tree fell on our house.

The last few days have been interesting.

  • We had a big storm that I drove home in to try to avoid getting hail damage. (And because I only had about an hour left at work and could do it from home.) It was like driving through a carwash.
  • Late Wednesday night of the storm a weaker storm knocked down a large tree limb on top of our house.
  • We found it Thursday night. Very little damage to the house. A few shingles and some underlayment. A serious dent in a small area. Shouldn't be too bad.
  • Alex fell and severely brised his upper lip. When I saw his mouth was bleeding I thought he had broken his teeth. Now they are swelled up so that his upper lip kinda extends around to almost the bottom of his top teeth. Nice.
  • I called around to see about getting the tree removed. Insurance deductible is $500. I thought that was high for something God did. One of the tree guys I called actually tried to get me to agree to some kind of overcharging deal with the insurance company. He sounded like an ass. After we put the kids to bed, I headed up on the roof with my saw, intending to just trim up the brances which could causae damage if it did fall, but perhaps in the back of my mind...wanting to be a hero. I must admit that I actually thought "what would happen if I jumped on top of the tree and hung on like Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove?" So I started cutting some of the branches off and throwing them over the side of the house. CRACK. Huh? I kept cutting off branches. CRACK. I realized it was going to roll off the house. I held the tree up with one hand and cut off the rest of the big branches. I picked up the tree as best I could - I don't know how much it weighed but it was 12 inches thick and about 15 feet long. I helped it off the side of the house and it fell perfectly. A neighbor with a chainsaw cut up the wood for me and I hauled it to his house. I'll clean up the rest of the branches this weekend.