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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Explain This - Flight 77

The nose of Flight 77, a 757 whose engines hang well below the fuselage slams into the first floor of the pentagon. To impact where it did, the plane would have to been dragging it's engines on the ground. In fact, many witnesses said that they saw it doing this.

Notice how large the engines are compared to the fuselage. And they hang mostly BELOW the fuselage.

Shortly after impact the lawn looked wonderful.

As you can see, there was no debris. The entire plane was swallowed up by the Pentagon in the fireball. If you doubt this, please inform me of any official information you have ever seen regarding plane debris at the site. These was a bit of fuselage that was kinda painted wrong, and some small engine parts, but I won't mention them here.

Remarkably, most of the people killed by this incident were identified positively by DNA analysis. The destruction took out an entire plane, but not our DNA. Oh yeah it took out the black box, too. Well, OK fine, it didn't. The government just hasn't released the data on them yet. Sheesh.

Later, the perfect lawn was covered up. I bet this made the landscaping people pretty mad.

Oh, one more thing. Let's play a game.
Look at these two pictures 1 2 to see if you can determine where the plane hit the facade of the building.

OK I'm done.


Kurt Schroeder 8/10/2006 11:13:00 AM  

I should make this clear: I do not know what hit the Pentagon. I did not see it, there was no video of it happening, and the eye-witness reports of it are highly variable. I do know this, something hit the Pentagon. I think that's about all we can say, honestly. Even if the engine which was found at the scene IS a piece of the engine for a 757, that is not proof that a 757 hit the Pentagon. Just like a piece of a Ferrari found next to my front door, even if my front door was smashed in and my foyer completely burned, does not mean a Ferrari hit my house. Especially if the path up to my door is clear.

Kurt Schroeder 8/10/2006 12:06:00 PM  

Flash Movie discussing some of the oddities about Flight 77.