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Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday Ho Hum

Well it's Monday. I woke up late today, got the dishwasher about 95% unloaded, and tried to do my hair. Failed. I grabbed 4 quarters out of the change bin in our foyer closet and managed to get to work about a minute late. I think my sleep or lack of is catching up on me, but maybe it's just the NyQuil talking. I took a pull last night before bed and I think it's still affecting me. I'm a lightweight, I guess. I can't handle my liquor stuffy nose medicine.

...deleted a little rant about posting after drinking too much just to see what it would look like...

I never drink too much, because I very rarely drink. In fact, the main reason I haven't been about to test out the Jerry Baker lawn tonics is not because I don't want to waste a beer, but because I haven't had any beer at home for about 2 months. And whenever I think about mixing up some beer and dishsoap and ammonia it's a Sunday. And you can't buy beer on Sunday morning. And by the afternoon I'm too whipped out from playing with the kids to drive over and buy some. It's a vicious cycle of sobriety.

Today at work I have a couple of things to do. First, I gotta confront a co-worker about something she said to me last week. A customer had called in and I had requested a communications trace of a printer. I told him that he could call back in when it had been taken and talk to someone else. The person he talked to, who shall remain nameless, requested the trace by e-mail and then simply forwarded it to me. They said that they were "to busy" to look at it. I guess my question will be: "Were you too busy for me or too busy for the customer?" Because the customer is the one that comes first and had to wait an extra day for the results of the trace (which was instantly obvious, the printer was simply rejecting all attempts at communication), either response is unacceptable. I hope that in confronting the person, which I rarely do, it will ward off future problems. Honestly really is the best policy.

The other thing I have to do today is make up a schedule for a project I started to mine the best practices of our group and educate everyone to do their jobs more effectively. I made a PowerPoint presentation for the project that I joked was either the worst ever, or the best. Sandy said it looks like an online greeting card from Hallmark.

link to video - 1 MB WMV file. My apologies if it fails to play on Linux, Mom.
I converted it from PowerPoint to a movie format and it has an annoying banner on top, too. Actually, don't even click on it, it's just crap anyway.

Well, that's Monday morning. I gotta go and make someone uncomfortable.


Kurt Schroeder 8/07/2006 11:11:00 AM  

I confronted the person about it and they basically said that the call looked like it had been touched by too many people and that she didn't read the trace because she was probably busy working on something, and the person had just said that they "had a trace for Kurt." That's insipid. If I knew that a person was gone, I would look at the damn trace. The customer comes first. No excuses.