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Friday, September 15, 2006

Maybe the farmer shot my dog, too.

There was an article on Classic Wisconsin about Packer Coach Dan Devine and his dog that I felt the need to comment on. My e-mail to him:

Dan Devine was our neighbor when I was a kid. We lived a few miles out of town near Trout Creek. The only farmer around there would have been "Farmer Hanson" who lived on the corner of Pine Tree Road and Trout Creek Road. That would have been a little short of a half mile away. He was the only farmer around there. I believe he had at least 13 or 14 children. There was another guy who owned a horse barn named Jerabek. We believe that he shot our German Shepherd/Black Lab mix because it used to chase his horses. But I don't remember that he had a basketball hoop. The other notable resident of the neighborhood was William Evers, noted for having the most expensive court trial in Wisconsin State History. He was a known racketeer and was into prostitution as well. The map below details where people lived and where there were woods. It was very wooded! Still is, only now the area of Farmer Hanson is being made into a housing community and there is a golf course and a housing development named ThornBerry Creek.

Maybe some of this info can make it into your story.


DLcousin 9/15/2006 07:38:00 PM  

When I read the story, I thought it seemed the basketball hoop was at the Hanson farm. I know they had a hoop. Of their 18 children, only the youngest was a girl. The only Devine dog I ever knew was Pickles, who used to come over to meet us when I had pushed you guys up the hill in the box sled to get the mail. In those times all the mailboxes were up on Evers' corner--Pine Tree at Brookwood.

joda58 7/16/2007 09:20:00 AM  

If I remember right the name of the dog was Arf (spelling??). I also think that I went to Pulaski High with one of the Hansson kids ... but then again there were so many!! :-)