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Thursday, September 21, 2006

My co-worker Jim

I created a system whereby people in my group at IBM can modify their schedules to leave early. It's called the Buddy Board. I am forever having to ask people if they are planning on staying til 5 so that I can "buddy out" and leave at 4. Today I asked my co-worker Jim if he was planning to "buddy in" today and he responded:

I'll be here till 5:00, but not the whole time. I will be taking a lunch for about 50 minutes or so. I am contemplating leaving in a couple of minutes for lunch, but on the other hand, if I take a later lunch, it will make the afternoon go faster. I often times intend to take a later lunch, but my hunger gets too overwhelming. At those times I take an earlier lunch. It's funny though. Sometimes I believe I will be taking an earlier lunch, but end up leaving at 12:00, or maybe even as late as 1:00. I remember one time, I didn't leave until about 2:00. Wow, that made the afternoon go really quick. That would be excellent for the days that I work until 6:00. But even then, I want to take a early lunch. However, when 5:00 or so rolls around, I need to eat something. That's why I brought in some snacks. The occasions that I need just a bit to tide me over, that does the trick. I often wonder how much snack food is sold at stores like Kwik Trip, Walmart, Target, Shopko, The Dollar Store, Sam's Club, Hyvee, Wonder bread store, mom and pop stores, and other convienience stores, in order to accomodate people like me that need to just 'take the edge off'. If it were a simple matter of just 'willing' the hunger to go away, that would be nice. But the hunger 'pains' are just to overwhelming. Oh yeah, I'll buddy in.
Jim is just one reason why I come to work.


Sandy 9/21/2006 03:05:00 PM  

Not a man of few words, is he? :)

If he was a superhero, he might be SUPER TANGENT man...

Kurt Schroeder 9/21/2006 03:11:00 PM  

Jim's response was was of course, a joke. :-) Usually his response is "OK."

Heather 9/21/2006 11:55:00 PM  

Wow that's some verbose reply.

lynsalyns 9/26/2006 09:00:00 AM  

Now I see why you love your blog so much! I'll be blogrolling you later if I can manage to bathe without someone hurting themselves.