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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dinosaurs on the Ark, seriously.

Some people have asked me* to post more information about dinosaurs on the Ark. Here goes.

Dinosaurs: a quick summary

  1. Created on the sixth day, as was man.
  2. Death and bloodshed among animals reigned after the Fall.
  3. Two of every kind (broader than species) go on to the Ark.
  4. Ark huge; many dinosaurs small; even big dinosaurs start life from a football-sized egg. Reptiles often keep growing; maybe teenagers, not great-grandfathers go on Ark. God in control.
  5. Most dinosaur fossils from burial due to the Flood (or its after-effects).
  6. After the Flood, survived for centuries, as shown by dinosaur cave paintings, dragon stories, historical accounts (e.g. Alexander the Great). Also Job chapter 40—behemoth.
  7. Evidence of recent existence—fresh dinosaur bones, fragile chemicals found in fossil dinosaur bones—at most thousands, not millions of years old.
  8. Many species dying out all the time. Death is a part of the curse—extinction is not evolution, and is no great mystery. Reduced populations, different climate and ecology after the Flood. Remote possibility that some are still alive (e.g. in the Congo).
Learn more at http://www.answersingenesis.org/creation/v16/i1/dinosaurs.asp.

*no one has asked me.