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Friday, August 03, 2007

Hello Jonas!

My brother Jonas Dahlén now has a blog!

Jonas lived with our family for a year when I was 3. He known for a few things around town:

  • His love of farm girls.
  • Whipping the high school table tennis champ who was a jerk and tried to challenge the Swede.
  • Best diaper changer ever.
  • Switching between Swedish and English when reading bedtime stories to play tricks on Erik and me.
  • The phase "you're so cUte."
Now Jonas lives in Sweden and has two wonderful boys and a beautiful wife Ann, and he works for Sun (IBM's competitor).

Jonas and I share one thing in common, unfortunately. We are both married to women who vastly smarter than we are, and they make it almost impossible for us to cause much trouble.


Jennifer 8/07/2007 11:38:00 AM  

Thanks for the comment, Kurt. I noticed the pixelation in my banner but it was a small miracle that I could actually get the dang thing resized to fit my blog, much less anything else. I appreciate the offer and I will most likely take you up on it after we get back from our trip. It's still a pretty vool banner, though, isn't it?