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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Christmas Letters are Coming!

Without a doubt this year's Christmas letter was the most complicated we have done yet. I estimate that an a little over an hour of work was done for each letter sent.

I will post pictures of it in a later post.

Some info and my thoughts on this year's letter:

  • Went out to about 50 people
  • Is officially not worth $86.95.
  • Is in full color. ($50 spent at FedEx/Kinkos)
  • Contains paper folding.
  • Contains something that could be used by the recipient all year long.
  • Can be played on the piano.
  • Can be put in a pocket.
  • Contains blogvertising (ads for our blogs).
  • Is different than any Christmas letter I have ever seen.
  • Is probably my best letter ever.
  • Took way too much time to put together.
Each year, I take time to write a Christmas letter that I hope people will think is amazing, or funny, or crazy. That is my Christmas present to my family--a moment of joy after the mail has arrived. That's what I'm shooting for.

Merry Christmas!!!