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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bathroom Remodel - So much for pine carsiding

Well damn. I took the rest of the drop ceiling panels off the ceiling and guess what I found-- more ductwork than I had planned for, which makes my plan for wood ceiling a little to hard to do.

Not impossible.

But to do it I would have to install 2x3 or 2x4 boards around the tops of the walls and attach some sort of reinforced/hung plywood to it and install the wood against that. Because my plan of extending the joists is just not going to happen.

Which is not all bad:

  • Would have been tricky to raise the walls because the wall boards/lumber does not extend to the ceiling on the one side of the room.
  • A drop ceiling in the bathroom is not the end of the world.
  • Cheaper not to do it.
  • New white drop ceiling tiles might look just as nice with the great color paint Sandy picked out.
  • Will not have to adapt vent covers to fit a curved ceiling.
  • Easy to make changes in the future or do it later.
  • We only have a few days to get it done.
So what remains to do:
  • Remove caulking around tub (again) we did it last year but I ran out and had to put on some crappy stuff that kinda dried out anyway.
  • Replace some damaged/slightly rotted drywall sections.
  • Replace a flourescent fixture with a new light fixture over the vanity.
  • Install a new quieter and more powerful blower/vent.
  • Install a new light fixture over the tub. (Should be easy as there is a plug in for it so I won't have to wire it. (I hope. Anything could happen but I can do electrical work.)
  • Prime with oil based tinted primer. (Good for coverage over a place where wall paper used to be I was told. We did this upstairs and it was great.)
  • Paint with latex.
  • Install new white rubber wallboards.
  • Maybe replace the vanity if we can find one that fits and is inexpensive.
And try to have it all done by....this Wednesday!