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Thursday, June 04, 2009

IBM Education

So today I had a meeting with the Education department at IBM, and I presented an idea I had to replace out outdated "Live Virtual" education modules with videos. Basically, I was rebuffed. I was told it's not really a workable option, and that IBMers need to take classes through this virtual method instead.

Which made me ponder the following:

Why couldn't I just create the videos myself and enlist experts in the other areas of IBM to do the same? It would be simple to create a very simple web-based video system where students would sign up to watch videos, get access to them, and then rate them afterwards. If enough IBMers watched the videos and enjoyed them and got something out of it, I would think that the Education department would have no option but to adopt the new method.

If something is better, it should be implemented if possible.


Anonymous 6/09/2009 03:29:00 PM  

I believe you may have missed the point of what we discussed. You were not "rebuffed" in any way. While we agreed that your methods are a good idea, we are bound by processes that somewhat dictate our delivery vehicle. I guess you missed the point of our discussion.

Aunt Marie 6/09/2009 11:09:00 PM  

Kurt, it sounds like your video idea can't be implemented now, but sometimes change comes slowly. I had a few questions:

Are you required to take thee classes each year? Do you get a better performance review for taking/teaching these live classes? Do you create the courses or do you teach some kind of canned presentation? If you create the courses, do you or does your department get compensated for that?

In the research labs here we required to complete 4 hours of coursework a month to stay current. This is presented either live or via DVDs we can check out/take home. I enjoy watching the DVDs, as I can quickly replay the parts I miss, and usually each class is just an hour or so.

BTW I checked and we don't have any more of red or green carbon paper you had asked about. The new stuff is all microencapsulated/carbonless. What was it for?